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Archives Aflame: Works by Kei Ito and Andrew Paul Keiper<br />
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Archives Aflame: Works by Kei Ito and Andrew Paul Keiper is a multi-media exhibition featuring a large-scale visual and sound installation that probes the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and the artists' intertwined family histories. The installation includes 108 human-scale photograms made using sunlight, light-sensitive paper and Ito's body evoking those lost in the bombing, and a 4-channel sound work that portrays the places and processes of the bomb's production, and includes field recordings made at atomic heritage sites in New Mexico and Chicago. In addition to this component, SECCA's exhibition will include additional projects by the artists, including Ash Lexicon a display 108 film canisters from the 1940s filled with ash from a burnt Japanese dictionary.
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